A :Thank you for coming here! today, I hope we will enjoy this party  very much and our friendship will last forever. Let's start! ルネッサーーンス!


B: Oh this dishes taste gorgeous!  I want to take this home and give these to my grand mother!


A: Thanks. But did your grandmother die of drinking too much cola?


B: Yes She was addicted to drinking Cola. Oh I'm sorry. Let me  avoid pitiful topic. A, will you hand the bottle of cola to me?


A: sure.......Ah!!(あやまってコーラをBにかける)


B: NO! JESUS CHRIST!! what the hell are you doing!! I'm about to be killed by Cola!! My shirt is ruined .  there is  a large stain of cola!!!


C OKOK . Don't mind .


AandB Who are you ?


C I'M********** and Today, the special weapon I 'll introduce is ....THIS! GOOD BYE STAIN!

A: Is that  cleanser? I have many cleansers, but they won't enable this to be clean!


C OK ,listen carefury . This is NEW PRODUCT!  This is quite different  from others! I'll show you.

This is old way. If I use this and rub this shirt very much and hard...


A I know, The stain doesn't disapper!  I often fight with tough stain but give up!


C Yes. Though we tried hard, it was in vain!  I'm tired of rubbing!  But this is New way. Only I put this cleanser on the stain...


A I cannot believe it . So CLEAN!  It's as if  I bought this now! amazing!!


C Yeah!   All you have to do is to put in this new way.  It's so easy  and strong!  This product will make everything clean!


B Great!  Moreover,  this way doesn't make our hands dirty.


A YEAH !  And we can live without machine!!


B:This is the revolution in this century!


C: Yes. It's clean and strong. This cleanser makes your familly happy because there is no need to use washing machine. All you have to do is TO PUT!!  With this, tired mother would  became happy!


AB But C? I  wonder how much it is because this is very good thing


C Don't warry.  we are kind to people who is being in trouble!  we did our  best to cut down the cost. Thanks to our effort, we could sell this in very reasonable prise. 





AandB   what a man