<name>MARS MATRIX(マーズマトリクス)</name>
       <!--xml作成:某k -->
       <driver type = "cps2">capcom</driver>
           <option name = "pcm_mix" value = "0x380"/>
       <romlist archive = "mmatrix">
           <rom type = "code" offset = "0x00000">mmx.01</rom>
           <rom type = "pcm" offset = "0x000000">mmx.11m</rom>
           <rom type = "pcm" offset = "0x400000">mmx.12m</rom>
           <title code = "0x06">ARCADE MOVIE (OPENING)</title>
           <title code = "0x01">MARS MATRIX (TITLE)</title>
           <title code = "0x0b">SERECT LOOP (PLAYER SELECT)</title>
           <title code = "0x04">ARMED SATELLITE PHOBOS (STAGE 1)</title>
           <title code = "0x09">DESCEDUNG TO MARS (STAGE 2)</title>
           <title code = "0x03">SURPRISE ATTACK (STAGE 3)</title>
           <title code = "0x05">RED SKY (STAGE 4)</title>
           <title code = "0x07">TRUE DARKNESS (STAGE 5)</title>
           <title code = "0x08">FORBIDDEN FRUIT (STAGE 6)</title>
           <title code = "0x0a">BOSS (BOSS)</title>
           <title code = "0x0c">END OF WAR (ENDING)</title>
           <title code = "0x0d">GAME OVER (GAME OVER)</title>
           <title code = "0x02">UNUSED 1 (PLAYER SELECT ?)</title>
           <title code = "0x0f">UNUSED 2</title>