<name>KAISER KNUCKLE(カイザーナックル)</name>
       <driver type = "f3system">taito</driver>
           <option name = "sub_size" value = "0x180000"/>
           <option name = "tbloffs" value = "0x10d460"/>
           <option name = "es5505_mix" value = "0x280"/>
       <romlist archive = "kaiserkn">
           <rom type = "main0">d84-25.20</rom>
           <rom type = "main1">d84-24.19</rom>
           <rom type = "main2">d84-23.18</rom>
           <rom type = "main3">d84-29.17</rom>
           <rom type = "sub0">d84-26.32</rom>
           <rom type = "sub1">d84-27.33</rom>
           <rom type = "pcm" offset = "0x000000">d84-01.rom</rom>
           <rom type = "pcm" offset = "0x400000">d84-02.rom</rom>
           <rom type = "pcm" offset = "0x800000">d84-15.rom</rom>
           <title code = "0x213">演奏停止</title>
           <title code = "0x20b">KAISER KNUCKLE (Atract Demo)</title>
           <title code = "0x20c">IN THE WORLD (Player Demo)</title>
           <title code = "0x201">LOOK AT ME! (Theme from 和也)</title>
           <title code = "0x209">CRY FOR THE MOON (Theme from 武龍)</title>
           <title code = "0x204">CAPRICIOUS VALKYRIE (Theme from ライザ)</title>
           <title code = "0x208">STORM OF BLOSSOM (Theme from 梨花)</title>
           <title code = "0x200">Select A</title>
           <title code = "0x205">SPIRITS OF SILENCE (Theme from 月光)</title>
           <title code = "0x203">RISE UP TO THE STAR (Theme from J・マッコイ)</title>
           <!--<title code="0x213">Demo A</title>-->
           <title code = "0x212">GREAT MIND (Theme from ゴンザレス)</title>
           <title code = "0x202">Round Clear</title>
           <title code = "0x207">SPLENDOR (Theme from バーツ)</title>
           <title code = "0x206">UNAVAILABLE #7004 (Theme from マルコ)</title>
           <title code = "0x20a">Continue</title>
           <title code = "0x20e">ONE NIGHT DREAM (Theme from ボギー)</title>
           <title code = "0x20d">Select B</title>
           <title code = "0x20f">WHEEL OF FORTUNE (Motif from アステカ)</title>
           <title code = "0x210">EMPEROR (Motif of ジェネラル)</title>
           <title code = "0x211">Beginning of the end'</title>