<name>STREET FIGHTER EX 2 PLUS(ストリートファイターEX2 PLUS)</name>
       <driver type = "zn">capcom</driver>
           <option name = "pcm_mix" value = "0x360"/>
       <romlist archive = "sfex2p">
           <rom type = "code" offset = "0x00000">extp-02</rom>
           <rom type = "code" offset = "0x20000">extp-03</rom>
           <rom type = "pcm" offset = "0x000000">x2p-01m</rom>
           <title code = "0x409">Q Sound Logo</title>
           <title code = "0x434">Attract</title>
           <title code = "0x412">Select</title>
           <title code = "0x427">Flash Train</title>
           <title code = "0x425">Three Tree</title>
           <title code = "0x428">Fake World</title>
           <title code = "0x420">Pearl in The Sky</title>
           <title code = "0x421">White Field</title>
           <title code = "0x423">Lost Sea</title>
           <title code = "0x435">Phantom Bomb</title>
           <title code = "0x426">Crowded Town</title>
           <title code = "0x42d">Green Shower</title>
           <title code = "0x429">Crash Power Plant</title>
           <title code = "0x42f">Frozen Mist</title>
           <title code = "0x424">Mahatma Temple with Hymn</title>
           <title code = "0x430">Digital Ignition</title>
           <title code = "0x422">The Infinite Earth</title>
           <title code = "0x42e">Irene</title>
           <title code = "0x432">Before Moon</title>
           <title code = "0x42a">Amusementive Crime 2</title>
           <title code = "0x42c">Passage of Lotus</title>
           <title code = "0x42b">More Stronger</title>
           <title code = "0x431">The Battle of The Flame</title>
           <title code = "0x436">The Battle of The Flame 2</title>
           <title code = "0x417">Regenerate (Ending)</title>
           <title code = "0x415">Staff Roll</title>
           <title code = "0x433">Bonus Game</title>
           <title code = "0x410">Stage Clear</title>
           <title code = "0x416">Challenger</title>
           <title code = "0x413">Continue</title>
           <title code = "0x411">Game Over</title>
           <title code = "0x414">Street Fighter EX2 (EX2 Attract)</title>
           <title code = "0x408">スピーカーテスト</title>