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       <driver type = "054539">konami</driver>
           <option name = "opm_mix" value = "0x00a0"/>
           <option name = "pcm_mix" value = "0x0200"/>
       <romlist archive = "xmen">
           <rom type = "code" offset = "0x00000">065-a01.6f</rom>
           <rom type = "pcm" offset = "0x00000">065-a06.1f</rom>
           <title code = "0xe7">All That X-MEN [タイトルデモBGM前半]</title>
           <title code = "0xe8">All That X-MEN [タイトルデモBGM後半]</title>
           <title code = "0xe9">CODE 1012 [セレクトデモBGM ]</title>
           <title code = "0xe2">They Come From Hell [スタートデモBGM]</title>
           <title code = "0xd0">Here Comes The Hero [1ステージBGM]</title>
           <title code = "0xd8">Do The Right Thing [ボスステージBGM]</title>
           <title code = "0xda">Premonition [パターンクリアBGM ]</title>
           <title code = "0xd1">Junk Factory [2ステージBGM ]</title>
           <title code = "0xdc">Psycho Talking [中間デモ1-1BGM]</title>
           <title code = "0xdd">No Fear To Fight [中間デモ1-2BGM]</title>
           <title code = "0xd2">Dance With A Crocodile [3ステージBGM]</title>
           <title code = "0xd3">Ambience Of The Underground [4ステージBGM ]</title>
           <title code = "0xde">Please.. Rescue The Professor [中間デモ2BGM ]</title>
           <title code = "0xd4">Mountain Top [5ステージBGM ]</title>
           <title code = "0xd5">Ethnic Cave & Flame [6ステージBGM]</title>
           <title code = "0xe0">Command From Prof.X To Defeat EnemyAttacks [中間デモ4-1BGM ]</title>
           <title code = "0xe1">I Wish You A Pleasant Journey [中間デモ4-2BGM ]</title>
           <title code = "0xd6">I'll Keep On Fighting As Long As I Live [7ステージBGM ]</title>
           <title code = "0xd7">Nightmarish Fight [8ステージBGM]</title>
           <title code = "0xd9">Is That You've Got? [ゲームオーバーBGM]</title>
           <title code = "0xdb">Fake Dance [ランキングデモBGM ]</title>
           <title code = "0xe5">They Are Peaceful Loving People [エンディングデモBGM]</title>
           <title code = "0xdf">タイトル不明 [CD未収録デモ?BGM]</title>
           <title code = "0xe3">Ethnic Cave & Flame [別バージョン]</title>
           <title code = "0xe4">Premonition [別バージョン ]</title>
           <title code = "0xe6">SPEAKER TEST</title>
           <title code = "0x01">Voice"Cyclops"</title>
           <title code = "0x02">Voice"Colosus"</title>
           <title code = "0x03">Voice"Wolverine"</title>
           <title code = "0x04">Voice"Storm"</title>
           <title code = "0x05">Voice"NightClowrer"</title>
           <title code = "0x06">Voice"Dazzler"</title>