<name>THUNDER CROSS 2(サンダークロスⅡ)</name>
       <!--xml作成:nekoma、FM大王 -->
       <driver type = "053260">konami</driver>
           <option name = "ram_addr" value = "0xf000"/>
           <option name = "opm_addr" value = "0xf800"/>
           <option name = "opm_mirror" value = "0x0011"/>
           <option name = "pcm_addr" value = "0xfc00"/>
       <romlist archive = "thndrx2">
           <rom type = "code" offset = "0x0000">073-c01.4f</rom>
           <rom type = "pcm" offset = "0x0000">073-b04.2d</rom>
           <title code = "0x00">STOP</title>
           <title code = "0x8e">Rise in Arms                       (オープニングデモ)</title>
           <title code = "0x80">Air Battle=THUNDER CROSSII        (1st.BGM)</title>
           <title code = "0x8f">Approach The Boss                  (ボス接近BGM)</title>
           <title code = "0x87">奴は死んではいなかった。=Evil Eyes(1,5st.ボスBGM)</title>
           <title code = "0x90">Clear Demo                         (ステージクリア)</title>
           <title code = "0x81">Kartus-Part2                       (2st.BGM)</title>
           <title code = "0x88">Theme of Ragamuffin                (2st.ボスBGM)</title>
           <title code = "0x82">Heavy Metal Bomber                 (3st.BGM)</title>
           <title code = "0x89">Dark Force                         (3,6st.ボスBGM)</title>
           <title code = "0x83">Dog Fight III                      (4st.BGM)</title>
           <title code = "0x8a">Theme of Dinosavr Jr.              (4st.ボスBGM)</title>
           <title code = "0x84">Battles of Battleship              (5st.BGM)</title>
           <title code = "0x85">Star Light                         (6st.BGM)</title>
           <title code = "0x86">At The Front                       (7st.BGM)</title>
           <title code = "0x94">An Ominous Silence                 (大ボス接近BGM)</title>
           <title code = "0x8d">Theme of Sprouts Layber            (7st.ボスBGM)</title>
           <title code = "0x92">A Shooting Star                    (エンディング)</title>
           <title code = "0x93">A Victory March                    (ランキング)</title>
           <title code = "0x91">GAME OVER                          (ゲームオーバー)</title>
           <title code = "0x01">SE 1</title>
           <title code = "0x02">SE 2</title>
           <title code = "0x03">SE 3</title>
           <title code = "0x04">SE 4</title>
           <title code = "0x05">SE 5</title>
           <title code = "0x06">SE 6</title>
           <title code = "0x07">SE 7</title>
           <title code = "0x08">SE 8</title>
           <title code = "0x09">SE 9</title>
           <title code = "0x0a">SE 10</title>
           <title code = "0x0b">SE 11</title>
           <title code = "0x0c">SE 12</title>
           <title code = "0x0d">SE 13</title>
           <title code = "0x0e">SE 14</title>
           <title code = "0x0f">SE 15</title>
           <title code = "0x10">SE 16</title>
           <title code = "0x11">SE 17</title>
           <title code = "0x12">SE 18</title>
           <title code = "0x13">SE 19</title>
           <title code = "0x14">SE 20</title>
           <title code = "0x15">SE 21</title>
           <title code = "0x16">SE 22</title>
           <title code = "0x17">SE 23</title>
           <title code = "0x18">SE 24</title>
           <title code = "0x19">SE 25</title>
           <title code = "0x1a">SE 26</title>
           <title code = "0x1b">SE 27</title>
           <title code = "0x1c">SE 28</title>
           <title code = "0x1d">SE 29</title>
           <title code = "0x1e">SE 30</title>
           <title code = "0x1f">SE 31</title>
           <title code = "0x20">SE 32</title>
           <title code = "0x21">SE 33</title>
           <title code = "0x22">SE 34</title>
           <title code = "0x23">SE 35</title>
           <title code = "0x24">SE 36</title>
           <title code = "0x25">SE 37</title>
           <title code = "0x26">SE 38</title>
           <title code = "0x27">SE 39</title>
           <title code = "0x28">SE 40</title>
           <title code = "0x29">SE 41</title>
           <title code = "0x2a">SE 42</title>
           <title code = "0x2b">SE 43</title>
           <title code = "0x2c">SE 44</title>
           <title code = "0x2d">SE 45</title>
           <title code = "0x2e">SE 46</title>
           <title code = "0x2f">SE 47</title>
           <title code = "0x30">SE 48</title>
           <title code = "0x31">SE 49</title>
           <title code = "0x32">SE 50</title>
           <title code = "0x33">SE 51</title>
           <title code = "0x34">SE 52</title>
           <title code = "0x35">SE 53</title>
           <title code = "0x37">SE 54</title>
           <title code = "0x38">SE 55</title>
           <title code = "0x39">SE 56</title>
           <title code = "0x3a">SE 57</title>
           <title code = "0x3b">SE 58</title>
           <title code = "0x3c">SE 59</title>
           <title code = "0x3d">SE 60</title>
           <title code = "0x3e">SE 61</title>
           <title code = "0x40">SE 62</title>
           <title code = "0x41">SE 63</title>
           <title code = "0x42">SE 64</title>
           <title code = "0x43">SE 65</title>
           <title code = "0x44">SE 66</title>
           <title code = "0x46">SE 67</title>
           <title code = "0x47">SE 68</title>
           <title code = "0x48">SE 69</title>
           <title code = "0x49">SE 70</title>
           <title code = "0x4a">SE 71</title>
           <title code = "0x4b">SE 72</title>
           <title code = "0x4c">SE 73</title>
           <title code = "0x4e">SE 74</title>
           <title code = "0x4f">SE 75</title>
           <title code = "0x50">SE 76</title>