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1614 bootloader_amiga . Darwinia - Final Release Cracked by DMA Crew I've been coding for 38 hours straight getting this crack working. I just quickly wrote this intro. Sorry it's a bit crap but I only spent 12 minutes on it. Been drinking coffee and Red Bull all day - I think my frontal lobes are bleeding. Greetz to Alistair, Chris, Jo, Johnny, Mark, Michael, Tom and all the beta testers. Further greetz to the late Jay Miner for creating the Amiga and all demo coders everywhere for showing the rest of the world what computers are really for. See you all again on the next quality release from DMA Crew...
1616 bootloader_credits_1 Created by
1617 bootloader_credits_2 Chris Delay
1618 bootloader_credits_3 Andrew Bainbridge
1619 bootloader_credits_4 Produced by
1620 bootloader_credits_5 Introversion Software
1621 bootloader_credits_6 Mark Morris
1622 bootloader_credits_7 Thomas Arundel
1623 bootloader_credits_8 Chris Delay
1624 bootloader_credits_9 John Knottenbelt
1625 bootloader_credits_10 Sound Design and Production
1626 bootloader_credits_11 Alistair Lindsay
1627 bootloader_credits_12 Michael Maidment
1628 bootloader_credits_13 Music
1629 bootloader_credits_14 Trash80
1630 bootloader_credits_15
1631 bootloader_credits_16 Intro Theme Music
1632 bootloader_credits_17 Mathieu Stempell
1633 bootloader_credits_18 (Dma-Sc)
1634 bootloader_credits_19 Additional Music
1635 bootloader_credits_20 Paul Slocum
1636 bootloader_credits_21 Starring
1637 bootloader_credits_22 Peter Hutchison
1638 bootloader_credits_23 as Dr Sepulveda
1639 bootloader_credits_24 and Maddie the cat
1640 bootloader_credits_25 as the voice of the Darwinians
1641 bootloader_credits_26 Additional shapes
1642 bootloader_credits_27 Michelle Jones
1643 bootloader_credits_28 Kelvin Liew
1644 bootloader_credits_29 Additional graphic design
1645 bootloader_credits_30 Jo Stansfield
1646 bootloader_credits_31 Mac and Linux Ports
1647 bootloader_credits_32 John Knottenbelt
1648 bootloader_credits_33 UK Distribution
1649 bootloader_credits_34 Pinnacle Software
1650 bootloader_credits_35 Mac Publisher
1651 bootloader_credits_36 Ambrosia Software
1652 bootloader_credits_37 Beta Testers
1653 bootloader_credits_38 DARWINIA
1654 bootloader_credits_39 A digital dreamscape
1655 bootloader_credits_40 by Introversion Software
1656 bootloader_credits_41 Further Development
1657 bootloader_credits_42 Gary Chambers
1658 bootloader_credits_43 Stepan Hbrek
1659 bootloader_credits_44 James Lawton
1661 bootloader_fodder_1 This game is not in any way
1662 bootloader_fodder_2 endorsed by
1663 bootloader_fodder_3 SENSIBLE SOFTWARE
1665 bootloader_life GAME OF LIFE
1666 bootloader_life_1 These complex behaviour patterns emerge from a very
1667 bootloader_life_2 simple set of basic rules, that all darwinians in the colony obey.
1668 bootloader_life_3 These rules are based on the well known 'Game Of Life' designed by John Conway.
1669 bootloader_life_4 - Three darwinians clustered around an empty cell will birth a new darwinian in that cell
1670 bootloader_life_5 - A darwinian in a cell with 2 or 3 neighbours will live a happy and sociable life
1671 bootloader_life_6 - A darwinian in a cell with just 1 neighbour or no neighbours will die a lonely soul
1672 bootloader_life_7 - A darwinian with 4 neighbours or more will die of starvation
1673 bootloader_life_8 - (added) A darwinian has a maximum life of 50 years
1674 bootloader_life_9 The Darwinians will live many happy and prosperous years under this simple system.
1675 bootloader_life_10 The final rule governing age is unique to Darwinia, and even though the colony may live
1676 bootloader_life_11 for many hundreds of years, this cruel addition is the touch of doom,
1677 bootloader_life_12 guaranteeing the eventual extinction of the entire tribe.
1678 bootloader_life_13 It was agreed by all on the Darwin Digital Life project that the Darwinians
1679 bootloader_life_14 must be taught the concept of their own mortality at the earliest possible opportunity.
1680 bootloader_life_15 Press g to regenerate
1681 bootloader_life_16a Music by Paul Slocum
1682 bootloader_life_16b (
1683 bootloader_life_17 Colony age in years :
1684 bootloader_life_18 Press h for help
1686 bootloader_raytrace_1 Don't panic, the game will begin shortly,
1687 bootloader_raytrace_2 but before we get started we thought we'd
1688 bootloader_raytrace_3 whet your appetite with a lovely
1689 bootloader_raytrace_4 software raytracer hehehe :)
1690 bootloader_raytrace_5 Introversion sends out greetz to DMA_SC
1691 bootloader_raytrace_6 for letting us use this wicked old-school
1692 bootloader_raytrace_7 track which is called
1693 bootloader_raytrace_8 VISITORS FROM DREAMS
1694 bootloader_raytrace_9 Press h for help
1696 bootloader_raytrace_10 RAY TRACER HELP
1697 bootloader_raytrace_11 Resolution
1698 bootloader_raytrace_12 Reflectiveness
1699 bootloader_raytrace_13 Pixel Wave
1700 bootloader_raytrace_14 Motion Blur
1701 bootloader_raytrace_15 Pixel Blur
1702 bootloader_raytrace_16 Brightness
1703 bootloader_raytrace_17 Static Camera
1704 bootloader_raytrace_18 Controllable Camera
1705 bootloader_raytrace_19 Rotating Camera
1706 bootloader_raytrace_20 Rotate Light Source
1707 bootloader_raytrace_21 Rotate Camera
1708 bootloader_raytrace_22 Horizontal Camera Movement
1709 bootloader_raytrace_23 Vertical Camera Movement
1711 bootloader_soul_0 thinking
1712 bootloader_soul_1 feeling
1713 bootloader_soul_2 judgement
1714 bootloader_soul_3 perception
1715 bootloader_soul_4 sensation
1716 bootloader_soul_5 intuition
1717 bootloader_soul_6 extroversion
1718 bootloader_soul_7 introversion
1719 bootloader_soul_8 INTROVERSION SOFTWARE
1720 bootloader_soul_9 Video game design with soul